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March 2, 2011 by crazylemonlove

Quite simply the work needed to be shared.  At its heart Vanessa by the Sea is a reminder of our universal truths.  The life lessons were so deep and profound and at the same time so simple.  The book offers to its readers a naked exploration of a soul in the throws of transformation, learning, growing, stretching without falling asleep to the truth. Consider this a full access pass to the deeper conversation.

Working with an extraordinary woman in a deep therapeutic process of staying open at those epochs of change beyond words at the end of everything that would be considered reality is something that transformed my entire perspective on life as I knew it. It demanded way more than I would have ever thought possible of my little self.  At the end of the day I learned so much participating in an adventure as rich and rewarding as any that we undertake on the planet.  With this offering of events and combined wisdom surrounding our weekly therapy meetings presented in an entertaining and emotionally satisfying way I could bring to life the entire cycle of change. It is a bit like Tuesday’s with Morrie (but nobody dies) and a little like a female version of The Prince of Tides.

Life is such a fabulous gift, and in cherishing the moments, in remembering the lessons, and in practicing the truth I could retell a story as old as time and bring to light a witness account to the endless display of nature’s fullest grandeur and beauty.

With support for all the aspects of our humanity.  One heroic journey into unconditional love and friendship to stay awake and aware, standing naked and open to the truth.

Thank you for your interest in Vanessa by the Sea.

lots of Love,



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