Mel Reads from Vanessa by the Sea – Into the Deep Abyss (3 of 40)

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February 2, 2015 by crazylemonlove

Mel reads from Vanessa by the Sea 

3 of 40

Into the Deep Abyss… (Trapped in the Mel Unconscious wondering how to get out)

Vanessa by the Sea shares the working relationship between me and my therapist joined together in weekly therapy sessions to heal and grow and uncover the truth of love, using the road by the ocean as a metaphor for the gateway to the unconscious inspiring life’s biggest lesson in unconditional love and friendship.

For this editorial process, I will offer up 40 readings from the work to help translate the story.  For me 40 is a great number in the designers framework into deepening universal truths.  Like Moses in the desert for 40 days, buckle up for 40 reads from the upcoming release of Vanessa by the Sea as we join together in the birth a new work.

Each experience in session is a demonstration of openness, compassion and remembering, showcasing the deeper river of humanity’s destiny, returning to love. Told with courage and determination accessing the most intelligent teacher in the universe ever broadcasting the highest good for each of us, Vanessa by the Sea is the core truth of allowing nature’s brilliance to unfold with Love reflecting the power that is in us but not of us.

Lots of Love, Mel

Melanie Lutz I love Vanessa by the Sea VBS

If you have any questions or are interested in reading a galley version of Melanie Lutz’s Vanessa by the Sea please contact with I LOVE VBS!

Melanie Lutz is a screenwriter living in Los Angeles.


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