NIGHT TERRORS, SPIDERS, & THAT ALL TOO FAMILIAR FEELING Read By Melanie Lutz From Vanessa By The Sea (27 of 40)

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April 24, 2015 by crazylemonlove

We are all works in progress, witnessing the unfolding of the universes magic.

No matter what the question love always remains the answer. Vanessa by the Sea: A Client. A Therapist. A Gift of Love. upcoming non-fiction work written by Melanie Lutz.

As part of the editorial work in progress Melanie is reading from the first galley draft of the book to birth it into the world.

Lots of Love,



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It is a SIGN: Making Waves to Sea’s the Day : Birthing a Spiritual Adventure Melanie Lutz’s Vanessa by the Sea

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