A Course In Miracles

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We are miracles.  We live in a miraculous world.  We are here for love.

Without a doubt one of the main lights for Vanessa by the Sea’s use of A Course in Miracles is to remind people they are and remain Miracle Workers in there lives and by practicing loving thought, everything is a blessing.   

Miracles are shifts in perception from fear to love.  Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love and all expressions of love are maximal.  A Course in Miracles came into my therapy process in answer to a prayer for help.   Millions of people practice its wisdom every day to get in touch with the power of love.

My introduction to A Course in Miracles is through Marianne Williamson on Oprah radio for the one year she ‘taught’ the course as an hour program.  Since that year, Marianne has been a teacher of mine.   Her voice and insights in channeling A Course in Miracles has allowed me to reclaim my Catholic upbringing and connect back to the truth of the stories I had learned as a child that created barriers to my experience of God Source.  Her work is a centerpiece to my loving expression on the planet and I am grateful to her wisdom, love and support.

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