Vanessa By The Sea Read By Melanie Lutz From Vanessa By The Sea (39 of 40)

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May 8, 2015 by crazylemonlove


“It is Thursday at 2pm and I am sitting across from Vanessa reading from part of the book that has emerged from our work together. In that way of things the ending of the book came first reflecting the beginnings as endings, and on and on, into the infinity symbol of life always in motion that flows through the course of our work together. My reading is connected to that other space we share that is a meeting place of friends, the garden of our healing relationship, created and shared and tended to.

It was a healing of a most profound nature.
Understanding was laid bare in the naked space of being in a deep knowing beyond words. I sat in the glow awash in the healing energy witnessing a great radiant light the warmth of which would be with me forever.

At last I could relax after a lifetime of self-inflicted struggles, projected untruths and wounded realities. The idols we use to block the truth of love.

Reality had been born through the illusion of my fears.
I know this because her words never changed
Mine did
I know this because the truth never changed
My perception did
I know this because the fractured girl that entered therapy
Was now a woman
I know this because what had terrified me for years
Now played comfortingly at my feet
For that I am eternally grateful
What I know
What I was reminded of
What I remembered
Was the truth
The truth of who I am
Now and forever.”

I look at Vanessa. The reading sang through me in complete harmony as the song my heart was meant to sing.

“Clarity. At Last.”


No matter what the question love always remains the answer. Vanessa by the Sea: A Client. A Therapist. A Gift of Love. upcoming non-fiction work written by Melanie Lutz.

As part of the editorial work in progress sharing these reads to help shape the first galley draft of the book to birth it into the world.

Lots of Love, Mel

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